What a fantastic turnout to the 10:00 am working bee on Thursday 2nd February at 10:00 am.

Many thanks to those who turned up at 6:30 am, 8:00 am and all other times.  Sorry it was not clear in announcement that the proposed start time was 10:00 am (me bad!!!!)

We achieved what was planned, with the debris cleared from the slip (a big job) and the ditches and ditch mats on the Knightsbridge green all sorted.  An amazing effort from a hard working team.

Tony Stanaway
Jim Price
Bill Lowe
John Valentine
Bruce McClintock
Barry Sullivan stranded here waiting for a flight back to Australia
George Jones
Tony Pops
John Smith
John Lindsay
Steve McGregor
Allan Langley
Larry Cain
Ian Coombe
Brian Rogers
Garth Partridge
Kevin Cameron
Tony Trent
Tony James
Jane James
Phill Chisholm
Ralph Cullen
Peter Orgias
Priscilla Paige
Annie McGrath
Geoff Ladd
Kevin Sturgeon
Bevan Smith came down to practice but ended up helping out
Priscilla & Annie brought a contribution to morning Tea
Jane & Tony James daughter, Sarah, came down with fruit & sandwiches which were enjoyed, along with a beer once all the work was done.
There is still more work to do, however we anticipate that, provided there is no more serious rain fall, both the Knightsbridge and the Mayfair natural greens will be available on Saturday for the singles championships and that the Harcourt’s Community carpet green will be available for the Saturday pm Haggle.  Watch this space for updates.