The notices are up on the selectors’ board at the club for both the Pennants and the PPL competition. Those who cannot make the club to write up their names should email Tony Popplewell on

Pennant Details and Dates are:


The 2018 Pennants series will be played from September through to December. It will involve 10 games played on a home and away basis with six club teams in each section. One game of 21 ends with a time limit of 2hours 45 minutes. Each team consists of nine players being three triples teams playing two bowls each end. There are separate competitions for men and women teams as well as an any combination section.

The playing dates scheduled are all Saturday except the finals day is on Sunday –            
Day 1 – 29 September                              
Day 2 – 6 October 
Day 3 – 13 October        
Day 4 – 27 October  
Day 5 – 3 November                                      
Day 6 – 10 November    
Day 7 – 17 November                                       
Day 8 – 24 November                                               
Day 9 – 1 December                                     
Day 10 – 8 December

The finals day for the top two teams in each section is on Sunday 9 December.
There are no reserve days at this stage so it could be a double up on the next playing day if that is necessary.
We are not limited to the number of teams (of nine players) we can enter.   The selectors invite those players wishing to be considered for a team to enter your names on the sheet on the selectors’ board.
Please advise any dates which you are not available for.
No name, no team!!

This list of names will close on Monday 10 September.       
For the selectors: Tony Popplewell (Convenor), Colleen Rice, Leon Wech, Fata Letoa