On Tuesday we had the 1st year Women’s Singles.

Originally we had three women, but the previous week Debbie Coffey had a fall and fractured some ribs.  So we were down to two in a best of three showdown.  Barbara Irving and Helen Bartley were our two newbies.

The day started beautiful, no wind, warm and little breeze. It remained that way except for a few showers and some cooler gusts.  Games were to be played: first to 15 or 1hour 30minutes.

Game 1/ Helen started strongly with a four, but Barbara corrected her weight with some nice draw bowls.  After seven ends it was 7 all. 10 ends it was  9-8 to Barbara, very close and tense. After thirteen ends Barbara lead 11-10, then 13-11 and won 15-11.  Several times Barbara was holding shot but Helen came in with her last bowl to either take the shot or cut a four down to one.

Game 2/ What a start by Helen, a one, followed by three, then four and another one to lead 9-0 after four ends.  Not sure what was in her morning tea ?, and Barbara was regretting stopping for a break, after game one.  After eight ends Helen led 13-4 and was bowling so well. Barbara started a comeback but was stung by a bee, the paramedics were called and a few drops of vinegar applied.  Helen was able to hold on and took the game 15-8.  A decider was required, who was going to come back from the lunch break the best?

Game 3/ Well Barbara decided she was not going to have a slow start after this break and led 4-1 after four ends.  Both players were tiring a little so the odd short bowl crept in, after, Barbara kept getting the shot quite often with her last bowl, the opposite of game one.  After ten ends Barbara was ahead 11-3, the score not reflecting how well Helen was bowling. Barbara just kept ahead with some great draw bowls to win 15-5.

For 1st year bowlers they played some excellent bowls and impressed the spectators.

Well done to Barbara and Helen for an excellent contest and they showed they will be competitive bowlers in the years to come.

It was played with excellent spirit with both bowlers supporting one another.  I believe they both enjoyed the day.

A big thankyou to Gerd Hutcheson and Alan Daniels for running the day and to Alan for marking game one and three and Enid De Cesare for marking game two.

Report by Alan Daniels.