Most Members will be aware that  Ian & I will be away from July 2 until early October. In this time Allan Langley will be monitoring entries for Tuesday Pairs & Thursday Triples. Enid Di Cesare & Russell Parkinson will be monitoring entries for the Haggle and Enid will also be monitoring Club Day entries.

I will monitor entries for Splash the Cash from afar and will email the entry sheet to David Hutcheson on the Wednesday prior.

Gerd has a copy of the attendance/playing sheet for Opening Day (Sat September 17 ) which she will put on display on the old entry board nearer to Opening Day.

The first of the Arvida Triples (formerly known as Arena) will be Tuesday 4th October.  Theresa will be monitoring those entries.

Online entries are now available for every tournament through to May 4 next year. When you scroll through to the bottom of the entries page you will see just up from the bottom, a  little note:  more times >  Click on that and it will bring up the next page of entries.

As promised, I have re entered all those teams that played in the Silverfin 5’s last season.  I realise there will probably be some changes to team compositions but if you email me those nearer the time I can amend the entries. If your team is not going to participate please let me know via email,

While I am away please do not call me, I’m happy to receive texts and or emails but I won’t be answering  phone calls on either my mobile or landline. I am sure my House sitters would be happy to speak with you but they wont be able to answer your questions!!!

We have decided to continue with Triples on a Thursday through to beginning of October as chances are we will still be up on the carpet and this will enable the maximum number of people to play. If this is the case mufti attire is acceptable but from October 1 on, whites, club or team colours must be worn for all full day tournaments.

Have a safe winter. Do your best to stay warm & dry. Take care , See you in October


amend the entries.