Please note these dates in your diaries as some will differ from what is in the handbook. These are the dates that count!!!

Friday April 1                       Ladies’ Handicap Pairs / Ladies’ Champ Pairs

Saturday April 2                  Men’s Handicap Pairs                               9.00 start
Sunday April 3              Men’s Handicap Pairs  Remember Daylight Saving ends

Tuesday April 5                   Arena Triples           Round 4                    9.15 start

Thursday April 7                 Open Triples A/C                                        9.15 start

Saturday April 9                  Mixed Champ Fours                                  9.00 start
Sunday April 10                       Mixed Champ Fours                                    9.00 start

Saturday April 9                 Haggle on the carpet  Single Entry        1.00 start

Tuesday April 12                 Women’s Open Triples                             9.15 start

Thursday April 14              Open Pairs A/C                                           9.15 start

Saturday April 16               Haggle Single Entry                                    1.00 start

Monday April 18                 Easter Monday Half day Tournament  1.30 start

Thursday April 21              Open 2 Bowl Triples A/C                          9.15 start

Saturday April 23               Ladies’ 1-5 Yr Singles                                 9.00 start                                                      Post Qualifying Mixed Pairs               10.00 start**
Sunday April 24                P/Qualifying Mixed Pairs/1-5 Singles   9.00 start

Monday April 25                 ANZAC Day Half Day Tournament         1.00 start

Tuesday April 26                 Silverfin 5’s Final Day                                9.15 start

Thursday April 28               Open Pairs A/C                                           9.15 start

Friday April 29                     Jackpot Pairs  Single Entry                       1.30 start

Saturday April 30               1st Yr Singles Men & Women                  9.00 start

Saturday April 30               Haggle                                                           1.00 start

** Post Qualifying Mixed Pairs is subject to Champ of Champ availability