The final day of qualifying play was played on what was surely the hottest day of year so far. Winners on the day were Ruth Lynch with Ian & Trish Hardy, the only team to  have 4 wins.

Many thanks to our sponsor, Arenea Living, and to Rowena Tinone for being available to tell us some news from Arena and to present the prizes.

In second place with 3 wins & 33 ends was the team of John & Caryl Miles with Bevyn Darlington. Close behind with 3 wins & 32 ends were Phill Chisholm, Stuart Jamieson & Jan Gledhill.

The 10 finalists to play off for the Arena Living Cup on Tuesday March 4 are as follows

Ruth Lynch, Ian Hardy, Trish Hardy                                                                                                                              John Miles, Bevyn Darlington, Caryl Miles                                                                                                                  Murray Radojkovich, Brian Rogers, Theresa Rogers                                                                                                  John Gledhill, Gerd Hutcheson, Steve McGregor                                                                                                        Peter Orgias, Alan Donnelly, Jeanette Orgias                                                                                                              Phill Chisholm, Allan Langley, Jan Gledhill                                                                                                                  Leon Wech, Stuart Jamieson, Colleen Rice                                                                                                                  Kevin Robertson,  Bob Mullen, Louise Ball                                                                                                                  Barry McCrystal,  John Valentine. Beth Drummond                                                                                                  Kevin Cameron, Arthur Beale, Jan Beale

Remember teams on March 4 may have only 1 change to the team as listed above. If a team is unable to comply with this they will forfeit their place in the Final & the next best team will be promoted.

All other teams will play in a regular open tournament. Please tick your availability on the entry sheet