This weekend sees the fifth week of the Bowls North Harbour centre Champ of Champ events.

This weekend it is the men’s and women’s champion of champion fours.

We have Gaye Horne, Glenda Rountree, Joy Watkinson and Rosemary Nicol representing Mairangi Bay in the women’s event.

In the men’s we have Peter Orgias, Kevin Robertson, Leon Wech and Allan Langley, representing Mairangi Bay.

The women play at Waimauku on Saturday with finals at Mairangi Bay on Sunday.

The men play at Mairangi Bay on both days.

The women start their first round at 10.00am.

They have drawn Warkworth in round 1, the next round will be the quarter finals with the semi and final both at Mairangi Bay on Sunday.

The men, in round 1 have one game to start at 9.00am along with 15 byes which includes Mairangi. Round 2 will start at 11.30am with Mairangi Bay drawn against Northcote.

The quarter finals will start at 2.15pm.

The semis on Sunday, will start at 10.00am on Sunday for both men and women.

Good bowling to both our teams and supporters will be much appreciated, a bit closer to home this weekend except for the women at Waimauku on Saturday.

Alan Daniels