The selectors would like to announce the following teams for the BNH Pennants August 19/20/26/27th.

Men – Sharks –Manager Bruce McClintock.
Team 1  – Bruce McClintock, Phill Chisholm and David Payne.
Team 2 – Wayne Glogoski, Gordon Jenkins and Brian Rogers( Brian 1st week only) .

Women – Pearls – Manager Sheryl Wellington.
Team 1 – Elaine McClintock, Kerin Roberts and Theresa Rogers.
Team 2 – Sheryl Wellington, Jan Gledhill and Colleen Rice.

Mixed – Stingrays– Manager Alan Daniels
Team 1 – Alan Daniels, Stuart Jamieson and Joy Watkinson.
Team 2 – Larry Cain, Irene Donaldson and Jo Baxter.

Mixed – Dolphins – Manager John Gledhill.
Team 1 – John Gledhill, Flora Macdonald and Steve McGregor.
Team 2 – Jim Price, Glenda Rountree and Michael Thomas.

Mixed – Snappers – Manager Glyn Taylor.
Team 1 – Alison Rennie, Phyl Humphries and Ron Rennie.
Team 2 – Elwyn Beatson, Glyn Taylor and Annie McGrath.

Reserves Leon Wech, Ron Horne(2nd week), Barry McCrystal (1st week), Louise Ball, Gaye Horne (2nd week) and Rosemary Nicol (1st week).

Venues to be confirmed.

Many thanks to everyone who put their names forward.
Good bowling to all those teams.

Selectors – Alan Daniels, Allan Langley, Colleen Rice, Leon Wech and Sheryl Wellington.