We hope that you all enjoyed yourselves this evening despite it being a little warm. Never mind we all want a fabulous summer so let’s not complain.

Please find attached the results sheet for this evening. Congratulations to the winners.

BHB Results Sheet Feb 2024

Points earned this evening will contribute towards team standings for finals night, however as advised the 3 teams who won prizes this evening will be ineligible to win further place prizes in the round robin. They will of course be entered in the lucky dip. If any of these teams finish in the top 3 then the prize will be given to the next team who have not won a prize based on finishing order.

The club has decided on this policy, to share the prizes around, as bowls does not have an effective handicap system.

Thanks for your participation and nice to see you all tonight. We look forward to next week and hopefully another lovely evening.

Stuart Jamieson