The maintenance to the carpet green has been completed this week.

Our club needs to thank and acknowledge John Valentine for his diligence in ensuring the maintenance team stayed on site and completed the work prior to end of the day on Friday 30th August.  John was in contact with Ian Coombe (over on the Sunshine Coast) and the site supervisor from Tiger Turf (often absent), to ensure that the our carpet green is now available for play.

We regret the delay and the inconvenience to members and thank you for your patience over the last few weeks.  It has been a combination of waiting for the right weather conditions and the availability of the Tiger workers, that has contributed to the delays.

Other members have been keeping an eye out on the progress and, while they are too many to be named, we do thank them for their interest, their concern and their time.

Looking forward, we now have an incredibly valuable asset to enhance our fantastic club facilities.

Well done all.