You are currently viewing Christmas Message – from Kevin Cameron – President MBBC


As we complete the end of 2022, and enjoy the Christmas season, it is timely to reflect on the current situation in the Club, which is roughly half way through the bowling season.

The club is in very good shape. We had a very good winter season, and not withstanding inclement weather and Covid affecting our Summer program to date, we are making good progress with completion of scheduled events, with only a few being held over until New Year.

The Club is experiencing a growth in its various forms of membership.

We are a very busy club, with a full bowling programme, which provides something for the various needs of all our members. Plus we are having success in building our relationship with the Mairangi Bay Fishing Club, and Mairangi Bay Surf Club, both of which are now an integral part of our club.

The Club will continue being busy in 2023, building up to our 75th Anniversary celebrations in April.

The key to the success of our Club is the support we get from our members, with so many of you, volunteering in so many different ways. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you, the Club could not be the success that it is without all of your efforts.

I wish all members a very Happy Christmas, and plenty of good bowling in 2023.

Kevin Cameron
Mairangi Bay Bowling Club (Inc.)