When we started on 18 May, who would have thought that the winter weather would have been kind enough to allow us to meet every alternate Tuesday for Club Days?
August 10 2021 was the seventh session out of the proposed eight sessions and 23 people took part. There were no 3 winners this time, but Jim Center had 2 wins and 1 draw. The following had 2 wins: Sherril Watson, Tony Popplewell, Glenda Rountree, Faye Kitchen, Muy Chhour, Roger Potter, Enid Di Cesare, Joy Finney, David Tripp and Bob Mullen.
If you are interested, a spreadsheet of points is outside the clubroom where the sign up sheet for the last session (24 August)  is pinned.
After seven sessions, the leaderboard is as follows: Louise Ball, 46, Sherril Watson 45, Jim Center 44, Tony Popplewell 36, Glenda Rountree 35
So it is still a tight competition.
See you next time, Gerd and the committee.