From 3 July to 31 August GN Construction will be undertaking the flooding damage repairs of the Clubhouse.

During this time the clubhouse will be a construction site and access will be controlled or limited.

The carpet green will be available for play but please be careful on the access walkways, including the ramp, as these will be shared with construction workers and material deliveries.
For the week from 3 July to 10 July the Clubhouse will be inaccessible to all. Anyone requiring items from the men’s locker room, the office or the tournament room will need to do this by Sunday night.
After July 10 there will be access to the tournament room, office, men’s locker room and kitchen. A limited bar and some seating will be available.
Some scheduled bowls events may be altered or cancelled so please keep an eye on the website and facebook page.
If you have any concerns or need further information please contact John Smith on 027 230 6368.
John Smith
027 230 6368