Hi all, from Gayle.
As most of you know I took over the Membership Secretary role from Barbara a few weeks ago.

Hopefully, the emails are up to date and accurate – if you know of anyone who has not received this email (and has an email) please let me know.  

You should now all be receiving a Weekly News Letter and also ad hoc emails from Committee Members.

Mobile Phone Numbers:
I have just about completed the list of mobiles from Club Records or by phoning members.

It is the intention to print and circulate a list of Mobile Phone Numbers for Members Only.

I am aware of some members not wishing to use their mobiles as they are only used in “emergency” situations, while there are others of us who have them attached at the hip.  Also, the Committee wishes to respect members privacy.

Please let me know if you DO NOT want your mobile number made available to members.

This year the Subscriptions were printed and handed out.  
Most have been given to members, the rest will hopefully be distributed at Opening Day this Saturday.  
If you will not be at Opening Day please let me know and I will scan and email. Subs are due by the end of September.  

Just a reminder if you are intending to play in Club Championship or Centre events (includes Pennants) subscriptions should be up to date.

Going forward any changes to emails, phone numbers, addresses please let me know so I can keep the records accurate.

Otherwise, unless there are any updates I will opt out until next year when we will email your Subs.
Thanks, Gayle Wilkinson