This meeting starts at 6:30 pm,  not 6:00 pm as previously advised.

BOWLS NZ CEO, Mark Cameron, MEETING MONDAY 7th MAY  – 6.30PM   

Please remind your club committee & members of the Bowls New Zealand meeting Monday 7th May 6.30 pm at Mairangi Bay Bowling Club. 

All bowling club members are invited to attend and we encourage all clubs to send a representative to ensure you participate in modelling the future of the sport.   

Bowls New Zealand CEO, Mark Cameron, will be talking about possible changes to the way Bowls NZ do business and run events and invite clubs to provide feedback and discussion on the below topics.   

  • Strategy – Participation v Membership, Communication and promotion of bowls, Short form Bowls Bowls3Five, 
  • Facilities and paid club resources 
  • Club Levy Model 2017 Club Census 
  • Competition Structure – Bowls3Five, Nationals, Inter Centre, U8’s / Pathways / Interclub 7’s, Summer of Bowls Communication Strategy 
  • Tablets and Databases 
  • Facilities   

Regards Martin   
Martin Mackenzie 
Community Development Officer  Bowls New Zealand   
Mobile:   +64 21 966 016