The Friday afternoon Jackpot pairs is starting to gain popularity and momentum. 

The format is 2 games of 2 / 4 / 2, with winners playing winners. 
Dress is mufti.
Arrival time is 1:00pm with the first game starting at 1:30pm

This is a fun, relaxed afternoon, with plenty of chances to win.

On Friday 20th October there was NO WINNER of the JACKPOT.  

The best 2 winning team was  John & Carol Miles $30
The best 1 winning team was Ric and Theresa  $20  
The worst NO winner President Bruce and Helen (a very quiet Whooo Hooo) $20  

BUT!!! the JACKPOT was not won on Plus 25  

So next time, 24th Nov., it is a MASSIVE $300  
The sheet is on the board and it will fill quickly, so get your NAMES IN EARLY or you could MISS OUT!!!!