A very windy day for the first of our Winter 3 bowl pairs, Friday afternoon Cash Splash. A full field of 36 players, a blind draw and change of positions saw some interesting results.

The convener had a few teething problems with game scoring and prizes BUT will be resolved for the next game. (Please note there is NO sponsorship for these games so only entry fee, less a small fee to club, can be paid out. The intention is, as it is fun bowls, I want to share the $$$ around to as many people as possible.)

Best 2 winner          $50 Brian & John
Next best 2 Wins,           $40  Theresa and Glenda
We had a best 1 Winner $30 and WILL BE a Best No winner  $30 & Lucky Card $30

Then we came to the real money:

Friday Cashpot of $50 was NOT WON with a differential of 11. Jackpots to $100 next time
Super Joker Pot of $40 was attempted by Wyn & Ric (not me) from a Lucky Card No draw No Luck
Then first draw from Raffle to Gordon, No Luck
All 3 did receive a Bar Tab to help ease the disappointment.

Super Joker Pot  $80 next time

(Note there are only 22 cards in the Joker Pot from 10’s to Aces PLUS a Joker and a “mystery card”.)

Mystery card is worth  $20

Next game Friday the 28th May, 1.00pm start. Sheet up in normal place and already almost FULL.

Thank you to all supporters, helpers and raffle ticket players.

Ric Lydford