The results of the Saturday pm Haggle – a fun afternoon for bowlers at any level.

But first a little house keeping.

This week there was a full field on the starting sheet and over the 24 hours prior to play, 8 people pulled out.  This causes an incredible amount of work for the organisers.  They have to ring around to fill up the places and make sure that there are no byes.  The unwritten rule is that if you put your name on the sheet to play and then your circumstances change and you NEED to pull out, it is YOUR responsibility to find someone else to take your place.  This has now become the WRITTEN rule.  If YOU pull out, YOU find a replacement.  The next option is to fine people who pull out late or to exclude them from entering for a few weeks, and we do not want to go with either of these options.

Thanks to Gayle Wilkinson and Leon Wech for organising the teams and making sure the afternoon flowed smoothly.

Our new Haggle trophy was rolled out on 4th July.  Other major events that have occurred on this day include in 1863, the Army of Northern Virginia withdrew from the battlefield after losing the Battle of Gettysburg, in the American Civil War, signalling an end to the Confederate invasion of U.S. territory.  You can decide which was the more significant event.

Back to the bowls at Mairangi Bay, some mention was made that the conditions for the Haggle were just perfect.  A slight breeze and yet clear sky and the carpet green running nice and fast.

There was just the one team that managed three wins.  Congratulations to Barry McCrystal (who has been desperate to get his photo in the news) and his talented bowling partner Rosemary Nicol.  Well done you two and nice to see Cocoa, such a good dog!!

Two and a half wins took out second place.  This could well be the first time Ian Coombe has played in the Haggle and although a little rusty, his partner Pat Clarke helped to steer them to the two and a half wins.  With two wins 13 ends and 34 points, Leon Wech and Stuart MacKay held third place.  Next up, in fourth were Ric Lydford (another desperate to get his photo in print, but not this week chum) and Pam O’Connor. They also had the two wins and 13 ends, however trailed on points by winning 25.  The pre tournament favourites of Caryl Miles and Graham Ward came in next with their 2 wins, also 13 ends and 23 points.

Congratulations to all the players today and a welcome to Jess Thwaites-Hardy who performed brilliantly on just her second time with bowls in hand.  Some would say that she was well coached and supervised by Mike Wilkinson, however credit must go to Jess who has a fine smooth delivery and looks like she will be an amazing player.

Cheers to Russell Parkinson for attending to our rehydration needs at the bar and for securing the clubhouse after the event: LEGEND!!