It was one of those stunning Autumn afternoons: the new carpet was running really fast and it was a day of history making on two levels.

  1. The first time in over 5 years that we have had to have a Bye
  2. The first tie ever that 2 teams finished with the exact same result. (see below the pencil draw by Mick.)

The only 3 winner was Noelene Culpan and Jean Vander Vorst (business house and showing great potential).

Second with 2 and a half was John Miles and Liz Boulton (welcome back).

Third was Nick Taylor and Russell Parkinson who won with Mick guessing which hand my pen was in because the fourth place had the same score.   Bad luck Con Kater and Garth Partridge.

Next week will be the last of the summer Haggles with the start time of 1:00 pm and from Sat 18 May the start time moves to 12:30 pm.