It was a bit of a strange afternoon for the Haggle as the grass greens were being used by Bowls North Harbour with Men’s and Women’s teams playing the Bowls North Harbour 7’s.

So off to the Harcourts Cooper & Co Carpet green and 3 games of 50 minutes each so that we could watch the America’s Cup yachting races.

So strange??  What is meant by strange??  Number one, the carpet green, number two the shortened games and number three, odd number of players meaning that there was a combination of triples and pairs.  All of this “strange” added up to the prizes being awarded on a random draw as players had swapped teams from triples to pairs and back.

The cards were shuffled and numbered in random.  Then a neutral third party was asked to pick three numbers and therefore three cards.  First selected was the card of Michael Thomas and Joy Finney, then a triples team of Tony Popplewell, Bill Roan and Ian McGovern and then another pairs team of Graham Ward and Rick George.  All of these players doubled their entry fee and so no doubt they enjoyed the bowls and the winnings.

The next Haggle is Saturday 20 March with the entry sheet up in the usual spot.  Please enter your names on the sheet or send a txt to Gayle rather than ringing her.  Many thanks.