You are currently viewing Haggle Results – Saturday 17 August

Gayle Wilkinson stepped in to run the day and as there were two junior competitions, the Campie and the Canoe, happening over the other side of the bridge, the small field enjoyed an afternoon in the sun and the carpet green that was running well and finishing well.

Unlike the last week, when we had three 3 winners, this week most of the teams could manage just one win from the three games of 2-4-2.

The winning team was the team of Russell Parkinson and Con Cater who managed 2 wins, 12 ends and 23 points.

Steve McGregor and Garth Partridge came in second with their 2 wins, 10 ends and 26 points.

Controversy (light-hearted) surrounded the third place as Mur Chhour and Mike Wilkinson managed just 1 win and yet had 2 draws. The debate raged: does 2 draws equal a win??  The organiser’s word is final and so they took out the lowly third place.  Thanks for coming!!

Wonderful to see David and Cathy Lloydd, Gerd Hutcheson and John McConnachie back in the field.  We’ve missed you guys.

As the carpet green is under maintenance next week from Thursday through Saturday there will be no play and therefore the next haggle is on Saturday 31st August.  The sheet is up and the number of participants is growing each week so get your name down.  Remember this event is single entry and a blind draw for partners.  Great fun and with the 2-4-2 format, an opportunity to try different shots and play lead and skip.