You are currently viewing Haggle Results – Saturday 28 Sept 2019

Mark this day down as the first day of the season that the Haggle was played on the grass (with scrims).  The green started out heavy and slow and as the afternoon went on the speed improved and the players became more accustomed to the playing on the natural surface.

Just a house keeping note for when the scrims are in use.  The mat MUST be placed at the ditch side of the scrim so that the bowls are delivered from the mat and onto the scrim.  No exceptions!!  It is really important to protect our fantastic natural greens at this early time of the season if they are to last through the hot dry summer that is forecast.

The team that adapted the best and won the day was the Barry McCrystal, John Lindsay combination.  They managed two and a half wins, 13 ends and 24 points.

Runners up was the team of John Miles and Pam O’Connor as they scored 2 wins, 14 ends and 25 points, heading out Caryl Miles and Russell Parkinson who managed 2 wins, 14 ends and 24 points.

Another great day of bowls on a Saturday afternoon.  Many thanks to Rex and others for organising it and for David for ensuring that the Bowls North Harbour, IVAN KOSTANICH MEMORIAL OPEN MEN’S PREMIER SINGLES ran smoothly, on the carpet, alongside the more important Saturday Haggle.