During last season members said how much they had enjoyed the half day tournaments and hoped that more would be held during mid week and Saturdays for the 2017/18 season.

We have complied with that request and the programme has half day tournaments on. where possible, alternate Saturdays and Wednesdays. 

It is the intention to have a variety of formats for these days not just ‘roll-ups’.   We want them to be fun and interesting.   To do this the people rostered on to run the tournament need to have an idea of the numbers at least the day before.  There is an entry form on the board for each tournament.   Please enter your name if you wish to play.  

In  many cases the number  of entries will determine the format for the day.    

The entry form for 11 October only had three names on it.  (Thank you John, Caryl and Joyce!).  
That obviously is not enough entries to run anything and the tournament was “cancelled”.       

We appreciate that there has been a lot on already, i.e. Pennants, handicap tournaments and the usual Open tournaments, school holidays etc. and the weather has not always been conducive to playing bowls but we do want these half day tournaments to be a success BUT, we do need your support.

Please.   Put your name on the entry forms provided and come and enjoy a relaxed half day of bowls, all for $5!

Good Luck to all those playing in the Pennants on Saturday, and for those not playing in the Pennants there is still the half day tournament Saturday afternoon.
Sandra and Phyl.