Please be aware that from December 20 the key to the shed where the new bowls are stored will be kept on a hook on the window frame in the Committee room. In order to access the shed at times outside of regular Tournament or Play days Members will need to purchase an access fob. These can be obtained from Sandra Coombe, Colleen Rice or Jo Baxter when she returns  to Secretarial  duties, hopefully in the New Year. Cost of a fob is $25.00

This move is necessary as we believe many non members know where our (not so) secret hiding place for the keys is & there have been instances of unauthorised use of our new bowls & several times the shed door has been left unlocked. Our new bowls are a valuable asset to the club & as such need secure storage,

So, just a reminder that if you do use the club’s bowls for playing or practice you MUST ensure the shed is locked & the key is returned to the committee room. It is possible for the Club, if necessary,  to track who accesses the club rooms via the access fob ………..

We will have a key in its usual spot that will give access to the shed in the top corner of the carpet green where mats, jacks & some sets of older bowls will be kept for those who do not have an access fob.

While new Members are welcome to use our new bowls for coaching, practice & while playing in tournaments at Mairangi Bay, after 3 months of membership we would expect new members to be looking at purchasing their own set of bowls. If you are in doubt as to which bowls are best for you, speak to one of our Coaches. At no time can the Clubs bowls be removed from the premises without the express permission of the Board.