Due to a change in his circumstances, Ric Lydford will once again organise the Jackpot Pairs in the upcoming season.

This was an extremely successful format last year and he sees no reason for it not to be again.  

Ric is looking for SPONSORS for this format.
Club members may wish to contribute anything from $50 upwards, anonymously, or by recognition, and their support will be most welcome. Please talk to Ric in confidence.
(Conversely, if you know of an organisation/business/sole trader etc who may wish to support us, tell Ric)  

Although the entry fee has increased a little, each team ENTRY of $15 will AUTOMATICALLY get 2 tickets into the GOLDFINGER SUPER JACKPOT. An opportunity to WIN HUNDREDS of $$$$$.  More info later.  

First Jackpot Pairs GAME Friday 12th OCTOBER. Book the date NOW!!!!
Grab Your Partners.

Starting at 1:30 pm sharp.
2 games of 2/4/2 with lots of prizes which any team can win


Kind Regards,
Ric Lydford   
Ph: (09) 410 6870