Eligibility for Playing Jackpot Pairs  
In response to a number of questions here is the current situation.  
1. ANY FULLY paid up member of a Bowling Club.  
2. Any Mairangi Bay Club paid up Limited Member.  
3. Special invitee/guest as approved by the Game Convener Ric Lydford.     

Sponsorship of Jackpot Pairs.  
I am humbled by the response and contributions received to my request to help fund this fun afternoon.
As all donators wish to remain anonymous, I  say a very sincere THANKYOU.
(P.S. any more would be truly appreciated and will increase the number of prizes NOT necessarily the $ amount)  

Our NEW JOKER SUPERPOT is now installed!!!!
You may ask  “WHAT LIES BEHIND THE CLOTH???” (on the wall by Bar)  

Every Team in the Jackpot Pairs will automatically get 2 tickets into this SUPERPOT!!!  

Regards, Ric Lydford