Congrats to Bruce and Helen Aley for winning the $300 Jackpot with + 12.

Amazing there was no Born Loser this time.  What’s a Born Loser you may ask?  Well as far as the Jackpot Pairs is concerned, if you had the right number for the differential, however, the winner was the positive number and you had the negative number, how would you feel?   Like a born loser?  Well, we’d cheer you up as there is a prize for the Born Loser, but it was not struck this time.

The Aley’s had plus 12 and there was no-one with minus 12, so no Born Loser prize was awarded.

It all adds to the fun of the Jackpot Pairs.  2 short games starting at 1:30 pm.

A reminder that next one is 15th December and sheet is on board.
This event is proving to be extremely popular and it’s great to see the greens being used on a Friday afternoon.

Please get your names up.