Ric Lydford has done a splendid job over the past few years of running Jackpot Pairs in the Summer Season & Splash the Cash during Winter. However, he has decided it is time for him to retire & allow someone else the fun of running these tournaments. He is more than willing to show an interested person, or people, the ropes at the FINAL Jackpot Pairs of the season on April 29th & again at the first of the Splash the Cash on Friday May 27.

If you think you could perhaps consider running this event, please chat to Ric. Probably most easily handled by a 2 person team, If no one steps forward Friday May 27 will be the only Splash the Cash for this winter & neither Jackpot Pairs or Splash the Cash will feature in our programme next year. Which would be a great shame given the popularity of these events. Please give it some thought, don’t stand back & hope some one else will put their hand up BE the person to put up your hand.