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Results for Friday 25 October 2019
The Jackpot Pairs, Friday afternoon series, got underway at last, in conditions that were far from pleasant, as the wind was as strong as it has been all through the equinox period.  Congratulation to Les Bolton and John Gledhill who had 2 wins and the highest differential.  Peter and Jeanette Orgias won the opportunity to select a card each.  There were escorted to the display cabinet, the cabinet was unlocked and the tension built.  If they had found the Joker it was worth $100 however it was not revealed so now it jackpots to $150.

There were 20 teams entered and the new format, which is less complicated than last year, saw 7 of the 20 teams winning a prize. This is sure to be an event that grow in numbers as the weather improves and the jackpot grows.

Next Jackpot Pairs is 15th November 2019
Please note that the Jackpot Pairs in the handbook as the 8th November will not take place as the greens are required for another competition.  The next Jackpot Pairs is Friday 15th November (not in the handbook) and the sheet is up for team entries (or as a single entry, please put you name at the bottom of the sheet and you will be advised of your team make up)

Lost Property
The lost property that has been collected over the last 12 months lives in a box by the main entrance, under the whiteboard.  The intention is to clear this box and donate any clothing to the hospice shop.  The clean out will happen on Friday 15th November so please check prior to this Friday if you have lost any items.