Hi Everyone  

An update after round 2 of the North Harbour Junior Interclub held at Takapuna on Monday 26th March 2018.  

Wow what a big night for Mairangi Bay Blue team last night !

They had 3 wins out of 3 and the leaders from last week Birkenhead had 3 losses.  
Big thanks to Fata Letoa who beat the Birkenhead singles player in a close game.
Unfortunately, that was the only win for the White team last night.  

The points are  (see attached chart)  
Mairangi Bay Blue         15 Pts   +36   Differential
Birkenhead                         9         +10
Mairangi Bay White           6         -18
Orewa                                 6         -28  

With Easter and  Daylight Saving happening this weekend the Venue, Date and Time have yet to be finalised for the third and final round.   It was certainly getting very dark around 7.30 last night and it was tricky conditions.  

The teams were  
Blue      Theresa Rogers, Neil Buckner and Colleen Rice, Alan Daniels, Mike Wilkinson and Phil Chisholm.
White   Fata Letoa, Tony James and Ron Horne, Garth Partridge, Allan Langley and Gayle Wilkinson.  

A bit of breathing space for the Blue team but as we saw last night anything can happen.  
Good bowling to both teams for the Third round.    

Alan Daniels  
Junior Convenor