The last of the 1-8 Winter fours cups, the Latimer Cup, was held at Browns Bay on Sunday.

Another cool day with showers that turned to rain in the afternoon.

There was a delayed start in the morning, so both afternoon games were shortened, ten ends for the third game and only six ends for the last game as the weather closed in.

Again we had five teams entered, most struggled with the speed of the green and the variance in the rinks.

Phill Chisholm, David Payne, Flora Macdonald and Julie Chhour had three wins and a draw and 25 ends to finish 3rd overall.

Well done to Phill’s team, Julie continues to impress with her excellent lead bowling.

The well-fancied team of Rick Dixon, Kevin Robertson, Graeme McGregor and Rick George, after finishing 3rd in the Stanaway Trophy, struggled with the pressure, high expectations and the conditions.

They won their first game but then lost the next three. There was no toucher man (Rick G) on Sunday, well he was there just no touchers,  so they had a disappointing day.

Russell Parkinson, Stuart Mackay, Jane Mackay and Rosemary Nicol had two wins on the day, lost to a strong Hobsonville team first up, then beat Browns Bay. After lunch played Manly, they were down by two in the last end but were holding three shots, the Manly skip then drew the shot and they went down. They played Glyn`s team in the last, down by three they picked up a four in the last end to take the win.

Glyn Taylor, Garth Partridge, Bill Lowe and Roger Potter had not a good day at the office, two losses to Sunnybrae teams, a loss to Browns Bay, then Russell`s team in the last. They led early and with one end to go they led by three but they gave away a four; just wasn’t their day.

Michael Thomas, Joy Watkinson, Glenda Rountree and Louise Ball (also known as three Nana`s and a Michael)

They had a big win 25-1 over Beachaven in the first. They had a close game against a strong Hobsonville team in the second, with the Nana`s bowling well and Michael coming in with some critical bowls. They led early but Hobsonville clawed back and picked up a two in the last to win 11-10. They played Browns Bay next and struggled early, then closed up the gap, and on the last they needed two for a win, they were holding one for the draw, but decided to go for the win and Michael managed to take out the opposition second shot bowl to grab the win. The last game was six ends and they gave away a big score in the second end and with only four ends left they were unable to peg back the deficit. I believe Michael bowled very well all day.

First was the Warkworth Team: Michelle Macdonald, Wendy Turner, Maree Brett and David Hickey.
4 wins and 25 ends.

Second was Hobsonville 4 wins and 24 ends.

Report by Alan Daniels