Last Friday was the start of the Cadness Cup with the men at Milford and the women at Manly.

We had three teams in each gender.

The Sharks – Ian Coombe, Kevin Cameron, Allan Langley and Bruce McClintock had three strong wins out of three, against Orewa, Birkenhead and Manly.  They were the only team with three wins in their section.

The Breakers – John Gledhill, Barry McCrystal, John Lindsay and Graeme McGregor also had three wins out of three beating Beachhaven, Takapuna and a big win over Hobsonville.  Also the only team in their section to have three wins.

Both the Sharks and the Breakers scored well with bonus points which is the critical part of the game.

The Barracudas – Jim Price, Glyn Taylor, Graeme Story and Graham Ward, struggled with bonus points and lost all three games against Hobsonville, Orewa and Birkenhead.

Two more games each on Friday, starting at a later time of 12.30pm.
The top two in each section qualify for the finals on Friday 22nd March.

The Dolphins – Elaine McClintock, Jan Gledhill, Theresa Rogers and Sheryl Wellington, had three wins out of three. They beat Warkworth, Manly and another Mairangi team, the Pearls.  They are the only three winners in their section.

The Pearls – Jo Baxter, Hanaan Shahwan, Joy Watkinson and Louise Ball, only had the one win, they beat Warkworth, lost to Mahurangi East and to the Dolphins.

The Orcas – Gaye Horne, Irene Donaldson, Glenda Rountree and Rosemary Nicol, also had only one win. They beat Omaha, lost to Takapuna and had a one point loss to Manly.

Both the Orcas and the Pearls need two wins on Friday to have any chance of qualifying.

Last weekend was the opening two days of Bowls North Harbour Interclub 7’s.
Division 1 – Women was played at Browns Bay.

The Pearls – Sheryl Wellington, Jan Gledhill, Louise Ball (Saturday), Colleen Rice(Sunday) and Theresa Rogers and Gaye Horne and Irene Donaldson and Elaine McClintock.  They qualified top of their section with six game points and 7 game points.

On Sunday the top two of the two sections started a round robin final series with each of the four teams playing each other.

The Pearls defeated Birkenhead in round 1,  4 points to 1.  Orewa lost to Takapuna 5 points to 1.

Halfway through the round 2, the rain came and play was called off, this game will continue on Saturday at 9.00am, followed by round 3.

The winner will be the team with the most points for the round robin.

Division 1 – Men also played at Browns Bay.
The Sharks- Ian Coombe, Peter Orgias, Kevin Cameron and Allan Langley, Phill Chisholm and Bruce McClintock  and David Payne.  They started with a good win against Beachaven, then lost to  Helensville. Round 3 they played Takapuna and  with just a few ends to go Mairangi Bay led in the fours, pairs and singles, but unfortunately drew the fours and lost the pairs and singles.  Round four they lost to a very strong Browns Bay team.

They are currently sitting in seventh position out of ten and need a big Saturday.

Play starts at 8.30am, with the completion of round 5 and then rounds 6/7/8 will be played, if there is no clear winner then rounds 10/11 will be played on Sunday, the reserve day.

Division 2- Men played at Takapuna and Birkenhead.
The Stingrays- Murray Radojkovich, Stuart Jamieson, Michal Thomas and Barry McCrystal and Leon Wech and Gordon Jenkins and Wayne Glogoski.  They lost their first game to Riverhead 4-1, beat Birkenhead 5-0, Hobsonville 4-1, Takapuna 4-1, and in a shortened last game, Browns Bay 4-1.

This put them at the top of their section and into a round robin final section of three games on Saturday at Birkenhead starting at 9.00am.  They will play Browns Bay, Takapuna and Manly.

The Barracudas– John Gledhill, Jim Price, Graeme Storey and Graham Ward and Glyn Taylor and Bill Lowe (Saturday) and Roger Potter (Sunday) and Graeme McGregor.

They lost to Takapuna 4-1, Manly 5-0, Browns Bay 4-1 and beat Hobsonville 4-1 ( with the selector watching) with Graeme McGregor defaulting his singles halfway through his game with back/hip spasms.

It was a good win against Hobby with everyone bowling well and it was great to see Bill, Graeme and Roger getting some interclub experience.

A lot of bowls over three days for a number of our bowlers which was after our Thursday  triples as well.

A BIG THANK YOU to the markers who turned up to mark for our club.

Our representation of markers was much higher that many of the other clubs.

So thank you to Larry Cain who put in a big shift, Gerd Hutcheson, Julie Chhour, Tony Stanaway, Rosemary Nicol, Gerry Strydom, Judi Farkash, Alan Daniels and Glenda Rountree.

We will need more markers for the weekend.

Report by Alan Daniels