Last Wednesday saw the running of the Men’s 1st year singles, delayed with Ross Hunter being away overseas.

It was a beautiful day with little wind, ideal for the newbies.

So, we had two competitors  Ross Hunter and Garry Coffee, both had not played a lot of bowls, Garry was the favourite as he had had some coaching from Ian Coombe last year.


First to 15 was the challenge, best of three on the carpet green.

Game 1/ Garry started well and lead 5-0 after two ends. Next end Garry put all four bowls in the ditch and Ross didn’t, a four to Ross, 5-4 to Garry.


Garry then continued to bowl consistently, Ross was not far away but Garry kept taking the shot with one really good bowl.

Garry ran out the winner 15-5.

Game 2/ Ross needed to come out firing after morning tea, and unfortunately he did not, problem was in the first three ends where he gave away two threes and was down 6-1.

Ross came back though, and won the next four ends with a two and three ones. 7-6 to Garry after eight ends. Game on.

Ends 9/10 Garry picked up one and then a four. End 11, Ross gets a one Garry leads 12-7, next two ends, Garry picks up a two and a one to take the win 15-7.

Well done to Garry, our Men’s 1st year champion.

Ross was more consistent in this game, winning six of the 13 ends but unfortunately gave away two threes and a four.

The game was played in a very friendly way with some nice banter between both players.

Two very nice people with the ability to improve their bowling with more regular competitions.


Report by Alan Daniels.