You are currently viewing MBBC & Villages Invitation Tournament – Tuesday 21st November

Our greens were very full today as Mairangi hosted 18 visiting Retirement Village teams in an Invitation Triples Tournament.

Park Lane, Mayfair, Peninsula Club, The Poynton, Greenwich Gardens, Settlers, Monterey Park & Fairview were all represented.

As well Mairangi had 12 teams giving a total of 30 teams in all.

The talent ranged from close to zero to some top guns but the sun shone and everyone had an enjoyable day.

We played 3 games of 1 hour. The team of Des (Lowe) George (Jones) & Ernie from Greenwich Gardens was the best village team & best overall with 3 wins, 16 ends & 42 points.

The best Mairangi team was skipped by Peter Orgias with Priscilla Page & Muy Chhour with 3 wins, 11ends & 24 points. By general consensus, this Invitation Tournament will become an annual fixture on our bowling calendar