We had a field of 18 teams for the Men’s Championship Pairs, played Sat/Sun 19/20 Dec and after three round of qualifying 8 teams emerged with 2 or 3 wins to post section play.

Four very close games in the first round saw
Coombe/Valentine beat Cameron/Lindsay 21-18,
Payne/McCrystal beat Gledhill/Boulton 17-13,
Popplewell/Stanaway beat Lydford/Taylor 16-15
Glogoski/Horne beat Radojkovich /Rogers 14-13.

The semifinals were very different, with Payne beating Coombe 15-7 after 15 ends and
Glogoski beating Popplewell 19-4 after only 14 ends.

The final saw Glogoski get away from the start and led at one stage 13-0, holding the lead until the end and so Wayne Glogoski and Ron Horne are the 2021 Men’s Pairs Champions.