Further to the previous report by Rex the Mens Pairs post-section games are as follows.G Banks/S.Jamieson beat G.Ladd/I.Baxter 15/14,W.Glogoski/S.McGregor beat N.Buckner/D.Payne 18/11,D.Ambrose/B.Rogers beat P.Orgias/A.Langley 16/15 on an extra end and R.Lydford/B.McCrystal beat L.Wech/P.Chisholm 19/12.So to the semi-final where W.Glogoski/S.McGregor beat G.Banks/S.Jamieson 16/13 and D.Ambrose/B.Rogers beat R.Lydford/B.McCrystal 14/11.The final was as reported a surprise to the spectators not for who won but the large diff in the score at 22/10,at one stage 17/1.Congratulations to our new pairs winners W.Glogoski/S.McGregor for the 2017/8 season.