After the qualifying rounds of the Men’s Champ Singles we had 12 people progressing to the post section played last Saturday 7th March 2020

Top qualify was P.Orgias followed by C.Rogan, L Wech, D Payne, I Hardy, M Radojkovich, J Lindsay, M Jelley, K Sturgeon, A Langley, W Glogoski and R Horne.

The first 4 had a bye and Jelley beat Sturgeon, Horne beat Hardy, Radojkovich beat Glogoski and Langley beat Lindsay.

The next round (1/4 final) saw Orgias beat Jelley, Horne beat Payne, Radojkovich beat Wech and Rogan beat Langley.

The semi final saw Orgias defeat Horne and Rogan defeat Radojkovich.

The final result was rather one-sided with Colin Rogan at 21-5 but the score does not reflect the quality bowls that were played by both contestants.

Thanks to all who set up and marked the green and Leon who marked the final.
Also great to see Rex Redfern at the final after Kevin Cameron went and got him.