It rained heavily the night before, flooding both natural greens so play commenced on the carpet with 6 teams competing for the title of Club Champions.

A 2 Life system was the format. By the end of play on Saturday 3 teams had been eliminated, 2 teams had 1 win each and 1 team remained unbeaten. A move to Mayfair green saw Phill Chisholm’s team play John Gledhill’s team first up on Sunday morning with Phill coming out on top and going on to play the unbeaten team of Ian Coombe.

While the Coombe team had the luxury of having 2 lives it was an intense battle with both teams neck and neck, each end generally being won by only 1 point until the 13th end when Coombe picked up a 3 & won the next end by one. Needing 4 to draw and force another end or 5 for the win and another game Phill came very close to pulling it off.  But it was not to be and the team of Ian & Sandra Coombe, Jan Gledhill & John Valentine came through unbeaten to take the Championship with Phill Chisholm, Kevin Cameron, Joy Watkinson & Sheryl Wellington Runners Up


John Valentine, Sandra Coombe, Ian Coombe and Jan Gledhill – Winners MBBC Mixed Fours 2023


Phil Chisholm, Kevin Cameron, Joy Watkinson & Sheryl Wellington – Runners up MBBC Mixed Fours 2023