When you enter a tournament you are making a commitment to play. If circumstances change please advise the Tournament Organizer ASAP. Tournament Organizers spend a lot of time prior to a tournament endeavouring to ensure even numbers. It is very frustrating to have some one pull out at the last moment or not bother to advise the Organizer in time to give them the opportunity to find a replacement. Obviously emergencies occur & these are exceptional circumstances but there have been a few instances lately where the Organizer hasn’t been advised but the member has clearly stated to others that they wont be playing.  Just as well the Bush Telegraph still works!!!

For all Men’s Championships & Thursday Tournaments contact David Pearse on 447 1196                                          Women’s Championships                                                         contact Gerd Hutcheson on 550 7858 or 022 019 9747 Women’s Open Triples & Arena Living Triples                    contact Theresa Rogers on 021 157 2127                        Saturday Haggle                                                                          contact Gayle Wilkinson on 020 478 7662                              Friday Jackpot Pairs                                                                   contact   Ric Lydford on 410 6870                                Business House Bowls                                                                contact Stuart Jamieson on 027 495 3048                            All other Mixed & Social Tournaments                                   contact Sandra Coombe  on 021 647 389 or 479 4122

Just one other thing  If you realise you have put your name down twice for a tournament &  cross one entry out could you please write the word duplicate beside the deleted entry. Organizers are not mind readers so are left wondering “is this a withdrawal or deleting a duplicate?” The less phone calls we have to make the easier our job is. Thank You