President’s Musings

John Smith and I attended a meeting last month addressed by Mark Cameron, CEO, Bowls NZ. The meeting was a summary of issues in which Bowls NZ have been involved over the last 12 months. Mark’s presentation was informative, clear, and completed in less than an hour.

Mark advised that the game is in good heart. Club membership has increased 3% in last three years, and social involvement in the game is increasing 4/5% per year

Amongst the 20 topics discussed which had most relevance to our club included –

  • A free “bowls measurement app” has been developed which can be uploaded onto phones. The app can be found under “Bowlometer” on various app sights, including
  • Business House Bowls – Bowls NZ is interested in rebranding Business House Bowls using the Bowls3Five format of five end sets. This is an acknowledgement of the significant part Business House Bowls is now playing in bowling clubs. Nicky, Bowls NZ, is visiting clubs to promote the idea.
  • Bowls NZ is now based at Ponsonby Bowling Club. They have effectively taken over the club which was close to closing. While the club is still operating, social and corporate bowls seems to be their main activities now.
  • Bowls NZ is operating an on-line bowls shop to sell off the XG bowls used in TV bowls – cost is $450 for sizes 3 and 4. Enquiries should be made direct to NZ Bowls.
  • Work Safe is currently checking golf clubs’ procedures for storing/using chemicals and hazardous substances. In anticipation that Bowling Clubs could be next on their list, Bowls NZ will be introducing an audit of clubs July-Oct 2021.
  • Television/Media coverage – up to 45/50 days TV coverage of bowls over next 12 months on Sky TV plus online streaming of events.

Other issues mentioned included –

  • Relief funds
  • A membership/performance app being developed to keep track of all bowlers and their performance.
  • Bowls NZ is now providing all admin functions for NZ Indoor Bowls.
  • Bowls NZ has entered a variety of relationships with providers which are available to clubs. I can provide further details on request.

Please contact me if you have any queries concerning this report.

Kevin Cameron