Condition of Play – Update from Sandra Coombe,
Vice President & Bowling Liason.
Mairangi Bay Bowling Club

November 2021

We have had a very enthusiastic response to our proposed Mufti Tuesday and Thursday games. So much so that we have decided we will run a morning and an afternoon session on each of those days.

Morning games commence at 9 am and run through to 12-30 pm.

Afternoon games will commence at 1:15 pm and run through to 4:45 pm

Because we are allowed gatherings of only 25 people at any one time, members playing in the morning must please leave promptly at the conclusion of play

Afternoon players, please do not arrive until 1 pm.

Please note there is no access to the clubrooms for members.

There is no entry fee and therefore no prize money. There will be three games of one hour 10 minutes each.  Entries close two days prior.  You will be advised by email or text if you are playing on each day.

Members will need to show proof of double vaccination before playing their first game.

Please use the Covid QR code or sign in sheet. Social distancing must be observed.

Vaccinated players can continue to book and use the carpet rinks 1, 2, 3 & 4 at any time

Where possible we want to enable existing members who are unvaccinated to continue to enjoy playing bowls.

However, to facilitate this while keeping all our members safe, we need to maintain a strict separation between vaccinated and unvaccinated members. Unvaccinated or any remaining un-declared members may only play on rinks 6-9 on the carpet green and on specified days.

This includes:

  • Use the Booking Sheet. Non-use days will be blocked out on the sheet.
  • Entry to the carpet green via the top carpark only.
  • No access to the lower greens or club rooms is allowed (note: public toilets on the fields are available for use)
  • As always, sign in using the QR Code or sign in sheet
  • Masks are mandatory at all times.

Tony Popplewell has offered to organise bowls for unvaccinated members. If you wish to participate contact Tony on 021 251 9115

Please note, unless you have confirmed to either the Chairman or the Vice President that you are double vaccinated & shown proof of such it will be assumed you are undeclared and therefore not able to participate in any of the organised double vaccinated games.

This message is sent on behalf of Sandra Coombe, Vice President & Bowling Liason, MBBC