With 22 teams competing, both grass greens were in use, and the conditions were stunning: accurate grass surface underfoot, clear skies and a gentle breeze.

Add to that the morning tea between games 1 and 2, which was provided by Linda Valentine and Sandra Coombe, it would be hard to have a better day of bowls.  Thank you for this welcome addition.

There were prizes awarded on each green, which resulted in 10 of the 22 teams being involved in the winner announcements.

On Knightbridge, the winning team of Chris Taylor, Evan Thomas and Ian Hardy had 3 and a half wins, 24 ends and 50 points.

2nd – 3W, 20E, 46P – John Gledhill, Allan Donnelly and Norm Clarke
3rd – 2W 1D, 22E, 42P – Peter Orgias, Gorden Jenkins, Allan Langley

On Mayfair, the winning team of Neil Buckner, Colleen Rice and David Payne had 4 wins, 24 ends and 51 points.

2nd – 3W, 24E, 47P – Alan Daniels, Mike Wilkinson and Gayle Wilkinson
3rd – 3W, 23E, 47P – Murray Radojkovick, Colin Rogan and Gordon Ross

There were also prizes for am / pm / and 2 lucky dips.
AM – Stuart Jamieson, Larry Caine and Steve McGregor
PM – Ian Coombe, John Valentine and Bruce Aley
Lucky Dip – David Tripp, Jim Center and Flora McDonald
Lucky Dip – Geoff Ladd, Kevin Robertson and Garth Partridge

Our thanks to David Pearse for running yet another smooth event, to those who turned up early to assist with setting up the greens and also to all those who helped tidy up at the end of play.  Thanks also to the volunteer team on the bar and to Leon and JV for running the raffle.

A great day of bowls, friendships and fun!!