The game was played on a fine sunny day, with 17 teams after one team withdrew because of sickness.  It was just as well that we had some spares as 2 more people pulled out on Thursday morning, so creating a bye.

4th place went to Lionel Drew, Phil Chisholm & Ric Lydford with 3 wins 19 ends
3rd place was taken by Leon Wech, Barry McCrystal & Judi Farkash with 3 wins 22 ends
2nd place went to Ruth Lynch, Mick Moodie & Evan Thomas with 3.5 wins 19 ends

The winners of the day were Gerd Hutchinson & David Lloydd, who with the help of the bye, had 4 wins 21 ends

The AM prize went to I Coombe, J Valentine and a bye player.
The PM prize went to Brian Nolan, Kevin Robertson & Bob Mullen

No photo available.