Hands up if you’d like this summer weather to stop!  Ah, just as I thought. Roll on summer and the perfect conditions we are experiencing for our great game.  Not only is the weather playing its part, but also the care that the greens receive is showing dividends as they are running fast and true: a pleasure to play on and helping two of the teams to accumulate four wins.

Congratulations to the team of Phil Chisholm, Ron Horne, and Tony James.  They had 4 Wins with 23 Ends and 50 Points

2nd – 4W, 23E, 37P – Murray Radojovich, Larry Cain, and Steve McGregor
3rd – 3.5W, 21E – David Payne, Colleen Rice, and Neville O’Connor
4th – 3W, 22E – Brian Nolan, Kevin Robertson, and Bob Mullen
5th – 3W,20E – John Gledhill, Allan Donnelly, and Norm Clarke

am prize – Kevin Sturgeon, Trevor Forward, and David Lloydd
pm prize – John Miles, Des Lowe, and Roy Finlay