The selectors would like to announce the following teams for the Bowls North Harbour Pennants to be played on the weekend of October 29/30th with Finals Saturday 5th November.

Venues and Draw are yet to be finalised.

The Teams are:
Woman Premier.
1. Sheryl Wellington, Jan Gledhill and Colleen Rice.
2. Gaye Horne, Joy Watkinson and Theresa Rogers.
Manager Sheryl Wellington.

Woman Division 1.
1. Gerd Hutcheson, Flora Macdonald and Rosemary Nicol.
2. Jo Baxter, Hanaan Shahwan and Glenda Rountree.
Manager Gerd Hutcheson.

Men Premier.
1. Ian Coombe, Brian Rogers and David Payne.
2. Peter Orgias, Gordon Jenkins and Allan Langley.
3. Bruce McClintock, Phill Chisholm and Wayne Glogoski.
Manager Peter Orgias.

Men Division 1.
1. Murray Radojkovich, Kevin Cameron and Barry McCrystal.
2. Leon Wech, Larry Cain and Michael Thomas.
Manager Kevin Cameron.

Men Division 1.
1. Kevin Sturgeon, Alan Telford and Ron Horne.
2. Tony Popplewell, Jim Price and John Gledhill.
Manager Tony Popplewell.

Mixed A .
1. Alison Rennie, Jeanette Orgias and Ron Rennie.
2. Elwyn Beatson, Glyn Taylor and Julie Chhour.
3. Garth Partridge, Norm Clarke and Annie McGrath.
Manager Garth Partridge.

The Reserves Steve McGregor (not the 30th), Jim Center.

We believe the Men’s Division 1 will be played at Mairangi Bay on the carpet green.  All divisions will be played on carpet greens.

Managers, can you ensure your teams are aware of which club they are playing at and confirm their travel plans.

We have six teams entered with a total of 42 players which is an excellent turnout.

Alan Daniels, Leon Wech, Peter Orgias and Colleen Rice.