Hi Everyone,
The selectors are looking for players for the following Centre Interclub events.

PPL to be played over a weekend 17/18 October and Pennants to be played on October 31 and November 1,7 and 8 (finals).

We need names down on the lists in the club room by Wednesday 30th for the PPL and by the 14th October for the Pennants.

PPL we are able to enter two teams with a possibility of more if we get the numbers and other clubs cannot submit two teams.
A side consists of 6 players, three teams of pairs any combination.
Play will be in teams of 3 pairs playing two bowls each player, in two sets of 5 ends for each game played.

The categories are:
Men`s Premier, 9 players
Women`s Premier, 6 players
Men`s Division 1, 6 players
Women`s Division 1, 6 players
Mixed Section A, 9 players
Mixed Section B, 6 players

We can enter more than one side in each category but there can be no interchange of players between those teams.  Play will be in teams of triples, playing two bowls each player and 18 ends per game. It is expected two games will played each day subject to the number of entries.

Make sure you get your names in.  If you cannot get down to the club you can email either Colleen or myself.
Alan Daniels
P (09) 479 1489 M 027 290 0127

Alan: a_mdaniels@xtra.co.nz
Colleen: gracerice62@icloud.com