Yet again, another great turnout for the ever popular Saturday afternoon Haggle.  And why not with the weather conditions being so ideal for an hour of two of bowls and fun!!

The evenness of the field (which is done by a random draw) meant that there were no three winners on the day.  All three of the place getters entered the final round with 2 wins on their card, however each were beaten and so 2 wins take out the top places.

First – 2Wins, 15Ends, 28Points – John Smith and Ralph Cullen
2nd – 2W, 13E, 22P – Les Boulton and Graeme McGregor
3rd – 2Wins, 12Ends, 20 Points – Tony Popplewell and Helen Aley

Congratulation to the winners and to all competitors.  Thanks to Gayle Wilkinson for helping with the draw and to Russell Parkinson for organising the event.