Hello Members.

The summer season is just around the corner so things will start getting busy as the new programme takes effect.

There are a few things to bring you up to date with.
A warm welcome to Tim Schofield, Graeme and Juliana Tonkin and Peter Rudgley.
I hope you all enjoy being among us at Mairangi Bay with successful bowling and good fellowship.  

This was mentioned in an earlier newsletter.
It is traditional each year prior to Opening Day to have a tidy up to make everything look clean and tidy and it would be appreciated if you could lend a hand next week. We start about 8.30 and go through to around midday [or until the work runs out!] There is only one full scale working bee a year as we tend to tackle jobs throughout the year as they arise.

I look forward to seeing plenty of you in attendance. Just roll up.  

At the time of drafting this newsletter there are only 9 names down to play and 11 names for afternoon tea!!!
I sincerely hope a lot more have yet to signify their attendance as we generally have a full green of players and are joined by those coming for afternoon tea.

Obviously we would like a good turnout so please get your names on the sheet next to the front door.  

We are still short of names to play in the upcoming Pennants competition. You have until 12 September to enter your name on the sheet by the notice board.

We would like to have two or three more teams playing which would require 20 or 30 more entries. Please give this some thought and if possible enter your name to participate.  

As we move nearer the end of the year and people start to think about Christmas we begin to receive enquiries about use of our premises for corporate functions etc.

Arthur and Janne Beale are handling the arrangements for hall hire but need assistance for the events  –  bar, kitchen etc.  

If we get plenty of help it spreads the workload on a roster basis.

Hiring our hall/bowling facilities helps greatly in boosting club funds, a lot of which is shortly to be spent on a new artificial green for the benefit of us all.

Corporate/community functions also help our relationship with the Council who own the land we occupy. Council is always gratified to see our facilities being used for corporate/community occasions as well as our own club events.

Please contact Arthur /Janne Ph 479 4138 or email  bealz@xtra.co.nz if you can help them in any way.
They will appreciate your contribution.  

The annual subscriptions of $250 [Full Playing Members] and $150 [Limited Members and First Year Members] are inclusive of GST and levies paid to Bowls NZ and Bowls North Harbour. The net amount the club retains from these subs is in the region of $160 and $75 respectively.

The Board is always mindful of controlling our outgoing expenses. The Board looks to subscriptions to cover the general expenses of the club [eg insurance, power, cleaning and the like] while tournament entry fees cover prize money, greens maintenance/fertilisers etc,  greenkeeper fee, and other costs associated with bowling activities.

Entry fees for various events have not changed for several years and the Board has resolved that commencing in the new season entry fees will be as follows:-     
One Day Tournaments                      $10 per person [no change]     
Haggle    [Single Entry]                    $10 per person      
Jackpot Pairs  [Team Entry]             $15 per team      
Club Championships                        $10 per person per event

Since their inception total entry fees for the Haggle and Jackpot Pairs have been distributed in prize money. The increase in these entry fees will enable a small amount to be channelled into club funds.  

Looking forward to a successful summer season.
Cheers, Pres. Bruce.