Hello Members,
Just a couple of brief items for your info.  

Sadly I have to advise that Barry passed away unexpectedly on Saturday. Barry was a Past President and a Life Member.  He worked tirelessly for the club administratively and enjoyed his bowls.
Barry’s funeral will be on Thursday, 13 September at Romaleigh, 31 Ocean View Road, Northcote at 1.00pm.
I hope many of you who knew Barry will be able to attend.  

In the previous newsletter, it was stated that the Haggle entry fee would increase to $10 in the coming season. Many members have expressed views against this move. The Board has agreed to leave the Haggle entry fee at $5 in the meantime.  

I am hoping for fine weather on Saturday for Opening Day and look forward to a good turnout of members in their whites. Don’t forget a plate for afternoon tea!!.  
Cheers, Bruce.