Your Board recommends to the members of the club that they approve, at the AGM in June, the adoption of the updated constitution model provided by Bowls New Zealand for bowling clubs.

The main changes in this updated version when compared to our current constitution are:

  1. Membership categories (Rules 6 & 7) have changed from 3 categories to 4 categories with the specific inclusion of Limited Playing Members. Our club has already provided for this type of membership in our club regulations, so it is a natural follow on from that. Under the proposed constitution one sub-category of Limited Playing Members can now hold office and to speak and vote at general meetings.

Within our Club Regulations there is a further breakdown of Limited Playing Members to define the sub-categories of Limited Playing Member, Business House Plus members and Associate members.

  1. The requirement for the club’s annual accounts (Rules 21 & 25) has changed from receiving “..the audited statement of accounts..” to receiving “.. the reviewed statement of accounts .. “. It is also noted (Rule 25) that the reviewer of the accounts is appointed by the Board.
  2. Various matters in relation to appeals against Board decisions involving “Discipline for Misconduct & Disputes” (Rule 22) is now dealt with by the Bowls New Zealand Judicial Committee, rather than a Centre Judicial Committee.
  3. There is a new requirement for the club (Rule 27) to consult with Bowls New Zealand prior to any major redevelopment, amalgamation or winding up of the club.
  4. There are other minor alterations which have no bearing on the club activities or the way in which we operate now.


A draft copy of the new constitution has been placed on the table just inside the main entranceway to the clubrooms, if you wish to peruse it. Please replace it on this table when finished with, and please do not remove it from the clubrooms. If you wish to receive a copy of the draft, or have any questions, please contact Tony Poppelwell and he will arrange to email you a copy or answer your query.